Los Angeles, USA


Design Date: 2020-current

Principal Architect: Ma Ning

Design Team: Haochen Yu, Zhuke 

Project Location: Los Angeles, USA

The entrance vestibule takes the pine batten with a section of as the basic unit to construct the space. The pine battens are stacked repeatedly in two mutually perpendicular directions to form a layer upon layer screen facing the entrance. In this way, the wood theme of the vestibule space is defined by the pine screen.

The complex within the site has been abandoned for many years. To the north is a horseshoe-shaped warehouse building, and to the south are side-by-side dilapidated factories. Although they have long lost their original functions, they have formed a urban theme under this geographical location.

The structure of the ribbon, like the shape of water ripples, flows into the distance. On the inside of the corrugated skeleton are petal-like secondary structural modules that hang translucent membrane materials. The transparency of membrane material is gradually changing from the edge of the roof to the center on the overall layout. Different softness of light and shadow filtered by membrane materials with different transparent properties dance in the courtyard.



Entrance, red bricks are overlaid layer by layer. It looks like theater steps which can be entered from every direction, making a feeling of spatial mismatch, full of enjoyment and sense of experience. 



Unlike the Conference center in other cities, our design is located on a picturesque lake in a scenic area outside the city. 



The concave red bricks on the wall can avoid monotony and rigidity by one kind of material overlay. At one hand, levels of space are increased, at the other hand, ambient light can be hidden, making a cozy dining atmosphere.