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Shanghai , China


Design Time: 2024.05 - 2024.06

Project Location: ShangHai, China

Building Area: Φ 8m

Host: XJTLU Design School, MARS Studio

Principal Architect: Ma Ning, Jess Yu

Design Team:  Tianqi Wang, Cao Guangyao, Liu Yigao, Yang Shaohui

Photography:  Luo Canhui

Music: Yu Yibin, XJTLU SoFTA

Video: Lin Ruofan, Alice Xiao

Photography and Filming: Cao Guangyao

Lighting Design Partner: Bwee Technology

The urban fireworks freeze the fleeting romance of blooming fireworks, with shifting lights, intersecting lines, weaving the pulse of the city. Collaborating with Jess Yu and Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, MARS Studio design the art installation "Mirage" for the Shanghai Design Festival.

Flowing, exploding, moving, fleeting. Art places matter at the core of space, yet possesses diverse temporal qualities. Fireworks art is a product of time, as well as a flowing painting. The ephemeral elements of light, fire, and smoke in this temporal art form will also bring new enlightenment to viewers on a sensory level.

We aim to reveal the infinite potential of light within the space, using color as the medium of expression. Through delicate and ethereal forms, we create emotionally rich tapestries of color, transforming matter into visual experiences, with light as the artistic expression of color. The subtle interplay of light and shadow exudes a transcendent beauty.

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