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Beijing, China


Design Date: 2019-2020

Principal Architect: Zhao Wei


Team: Ma Ning, Tianhe Wang

Design Institute: ACDAS

Design Team: Wangying, Ruijing Sun, Jiezhong Yu, Dongyuan Guo

Project Location: Beijing, China

Tongzhou is the sub-center of Beijing city, located in the southeast of Beijing, on the northern end of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Tongzhou is the traffic hub in the east of capital with heavy warehousing. In recent years, with the implementation of Beijing's urban planning, the administrative and governmental units in the center of the city have been moved to Tongzhou one after another. The population and companies have been redistributed from the central city to the sub-center of the city.

Grand, small, towering, bleak, quiet, energetic, history, memory, glory and responsibility, as an architect, from the moment he stepped into this magnificent steel beast, he stepped into a grand updated play. The flowing lines on the tip of the pen, just like light dance steps under the spotlight, outline the clue of the narration of time and space.

The project is connected with Shijingshan and Xiuchi in the west, the Winter Olympics Square in the north, and Shougang Avenue and the corresponding No.1 and No.2 blast furnace in the east. The underwater garage covers an area of 31,380 square meters, with a total construction area of 18,425 square meters, including 6,647 square meters for the blast furnace itself and 7,739 square meters for the auxiliary building.

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