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GuangZhou, China


Design Time: 2024.04 - 2024.06

Project Location: GuangZhou, China

Building Area: 160sqm

Principal Architect: Ma Ning

Project Manager: Du Jing

Design Team:  Du Jing, Zhuke

Designing a space with ambiguous boundaries and a fluctuating relationship between the local space and the overall space allows the building to be more flexible, revealing the real requirements for use, rather than using the building to 'customise' the use of the space. Therefore, it is crucial to address both the experience and the feeling, to fulfil the functionality of the space and to lead the visitors to view the movement.

Design is a kind of exploration from the outside to the inside, so this design approach aims to break through the traditional marketing model, connecting the spirit of the place and the memory of the past to the current life, and make them collide to produce a deeper local experience - reinterpretation of the leaves, smoke, and other elements, to create an experiential space where quality and art coexist.

"Everything is absolutely traditional, yet absolutely non-traditional. It's like a cocktail mixing classic, modernism, intelligence and creativity.

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