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HaiKou, China


Design Time: 2024.02 - 2024.03

Project Location: HaiKou, China

Building Area: 306 sqm

Principal Architect: Ma Ning

Project Manager: Du Jing

Design Team:  Du Jing, Zhuke

Momogogo Pet Space is located in Haikou, Hainan Province. We use "cute pets" as the medium of communication, and use spatial design strategies to build a comprehensive space for pet care, social interaction, and pet product retail.

With different levels of privacy and soundproofing requirements, the space is divided into two functional zones: "Pet Supplies Sales" and "Pet Boarding and Care", and we created a rich and interesting spatial dynamic line in the interior, which makes visitors feel as if they are in a forest of frames. We have created a rich and interesting spatial movement inside, as if visitors are strolling through a forest made up of frames, making the shopping experience more diversified and interesting.

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