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Beijing, China




Design Time: 2022.02 - 2022.04

Project Location: Mechanotronics Compound, Beijing, China

Building Area: 84 sqm

Principal Architect: Ma Ning

Design Team: Zifeng Tan, Zhu Ke, Yuze Liu 

Photography:  UK Studio

Meet by Chance

Under COVID, we panicked, became firmer, missed the past, and we feared....

In the post-pandemic era, we cherish every reunion and look forward to the next one ahead. When we met in a hurry, we could not even distinguish the expression behind the mask. We just passed by in a hurry...

Under this circumstance, we designed a space for unexpected encounters.

The art installation was designed to create more "encounter". There is no specific entrance to the space, and people enter into the space through different directions along the narrow valleys. When people meet unexpectedly inside, they may look at each other, be silent, nod their heads, smile back, or talk effusively...

Casual Interaction

Invited by Stellar and the 2021 Beijing Urban Architecture Biennale, MARS presented an interactive art installation, Prisms, in the atrium of The New in Xidan, Beijing. 

The outer wall of the exhibition is matte copper aluminum, which creates curiosity and attraction for people to explore further. The inner wall of the exhibition area is specular stainless steel metal, which creates multiple reflections to attract people to stay. 

Cross-border Exhibition


This interactive art installation is also an exhibition space for artists and designers.  It showcases the artist's illustration, furniture design, art collection, jewelry design, porcelain design and more.  

Triangular pyramid display spaces were created for exhibitions. The light shone through the back of the acrylic booth gently highlights the delicacy and creativity of the exhibits. 

We called this multi-dimensional space installation "Prism", hoping to reflect more colors into our space against the bleak context of the pandemic era.

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