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Beijing, China


Design Time: 2023.09

Project Location: Beijing, China

Building Area: 37.5 sqm

Principal Architect: Ma Ning

Design Team:  Tianqi Wang, Yueg Chen

Photography:  UK Studio

Mr. Ma Ning, founding partner of MARS Studio, was invited to participate in the "2023 Beijing 751 Theatre Festival" as a member of the Artistic Committee. We designed a space art installation called "Light Weaving" for the event, inspired by light and shadow, with lines and surfaces as carriers, using the colors of nature and the creation of multi-dimensional space to interpret the design's understanding of theater.

Light, through two-dimensional transmission, shapes the space, and the non-existent space is born from nothing, changing, mixing, cutting, dialoguing, and eventually fading away. Visual, sound and spiritual sensations are mixed together, bit by bit, to form this splendid field. In this room, light is regarded as a tangible material, and light and shadow are sculpted and shaped within the given field. Thus evoking abstract emotional associations.

We designed a 15 meter long rectangular space as the main of the installation. The unstable linear form is used to create a new field, breaking down barriers by interspersing and intersecting, and these "lines" create a hazy, fuzzy texture. Inside the frame, seven different colors of linear light sources are woven into a multi-dimensional space, and the light installations flow and change according to the variability of rhythm and time, interlacing and flickering. The light displays an imagination that transcends vision, crossing the boundaries between two and three dimensions, and ultimately interpreting our understanding of the main theme of the play.

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