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Ningbo, China


Design Time: 203.03 - 2023.06

Project Location: Xiangshan, Ningbo, Zhejiang

Principal Architect: Ma Ning

Design Team:  Shiyu LIu, Tianqi Wang, Chen Zhang

This project is located in the coastal area of Xiangshan County, Ningbo City, and the overall design includes three parts: overall site landscape planning, new stage building, and façade remodeling of the original sluice substation building. On the overall landscape planning, the form of grass-covered steps is used to flexibly connect the whole site, combing the height difference of the site, applying a large area of lawn, and shaping the overall natural and wild atmosphere tone. On this basis, the three functions of amphitheater, waterfront platform and eco-parking lot are put in to enhance the quality of the site.


The choice of the three functions is based on the research and investigation of the original place. Music festivals are spiritual pilgrimages for contemporary youth. Countless music fans are willing to come all the way to attend. The inclusion of an amphitheater provides a venue for the operations team to organize various events. During the non-event period, visitors can also make full use of the venue to organize open-air movies, group building, sports and other activities.

The waterfront platform is a necessary function of the waterfront landscape. Taking advantage of the beautiful seascape around the site, we have designed a waterfront viewing platform and a boat pier. The waterfront viewing platform is convenient for visitors to get closer to the water and nature, while the pier can provide a variety of amusement programs such as sailing, paddle boats, motorboats and so on. The ecological parking lot is designed to meet the parking demand, and then add a new RV campground to provide space for RV visitors to meet the more comprehensive needs of tourists.

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