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Beijing, China


Design Time: 2023.03 - 2023.08

Project Location: Sanlitun, Beijing, China

Building Area: 400 sqm

Principal Architect: Ma Ning

Project Manager: Chen Yue

Design Team:  Zhang Chen, Jing Du, Shiyu Liu, Kun Zhang, Ran Li

Photography:  UK Studio

MARS Studio was commissioned by the owner, has undertaken the transformation and renovation of the second-floor space of the Jiaming Center, an international super A-grade office building in Beijing. The layout of Jiaming Center resembles a sandwich structure: the outer layer facing the external windows serves as office space, the inner layer near the core is arranged for auxiliary functions, and a public corridor runs in between. The transparent axial linear circulation along the corridor creates a breathing sensation in the office space.

Inspired by the "Infinite Corridor," the originally overlooked corridors in our design have become a focal point. We have discarded the chaotic arrangement of traditional corridor ceiling tube lights and spotlights. Instead, we have implemented a design featuring a single, ultra-long suspended light line connecting theends of the corridor, illuminating the entire public corridor space.


From the perspectives of streamlining the office, rationalizing functions, and softening the space, we established early on that boxes of varying scales in the space would be allocated for different functional needs.

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