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Beijing, China


Design Time: 2023.03 - 2023.05

Project Location: Shilihe, Beijing, China

Building Area:  933 sqm

Principal Architect: Ma Ning

Design Team:  Jing Du, Shiyu Liu

Located in Beijing's Shilihe district, MARS received an invitation from the client to design a design center that combines commercial and office properties. A teardrop-shaped sculpture is embedded in the niches of the curved wall, connecting the entrance showroom area with the interior public areas. As we step out of the showroom, the flexible curves of the interior and the pure white finishes create an ethereal space.

The curvilinear shape of the floor flows gently along the corridor in two different textures and colors of terrazzo, which is then echoed by the light strips and shapes in the ceiling. Walk into the showroom through a welcoming corridor of parametrically processed repeating structural units. With the curved entrance surface of the stylized wall embedding the glass diagonally into the elevator hall, the visitor's attention is brought into the interior, reflecting the ingenious point of pebbles striking water and rippling water everywhere.

The black ceiling is made of fiberglass reinforced gypsum board assembled and painted on site. Furniture units are cut from high-density foam using a computer-controlled 3D lathe and then finished with high-gloss painted fiberglass. The patterns and colors of the carpets were woven directly from the digital model. These naturally shaped interior surfaces are realized through the latest in 3D design, 3D machining methods and material science. Due to the complexity of the surface topology geometry, the modeling of the interior of the showroom during the design period will ensure the constructability of the entire scheme by integrating it with the BIM model of the main building.

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