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Chengdu, China


Design Date: 2019-2020

Principal Architect: Ma Ning

Design Team: Liu Wenhao, Qin Yu, Zheng Meng, Wang Fangting, Zhang Kun

Project Location: Chengdu, China

This architecture with its geometric shape and futuristic atmosphere is actually inspired by the ancient Chinese architecture of slope roof and landscape courtyard; This traditional roof and courtyard structure is also the spatial organization of the complex functions of the whole building.

The facade of the building is intertwined with solid wood and glass. The two materials are distributed rhythmically and gradually like ripples of water, reflecting the surrounding natural landscape. The deep and shallow glass are vertically interlaced, forming an innovative wavy dimension on the original facade. At the same time, the combination of dark glass and wooden blinds effectively reduces direct sunlight, making the entire design more green, energy saving and protect the environment.

Each floor of the building has a wide outdoor terrace, which is open to all public: this is city’s living room close to nature, where both the surrounding residents and guests from all over the world can gather, communicate, and feel the artistic conception of nature together. People can feel the lake, breeze, sunshine and fresh air on the steps of the terrace on the first floor. Just like living in nature, people can converse with the mountains, water, sky and earth at any time. Each building section can be connected through the indoor corridor and the outdoor corridor bridge; Landscaped courtyards are placed with the building sections, echoing the remote view of the mountain forest and adding spirituality and vitality to the design.

The design of Tianfu Conference Center accomplished the integration of architecture and nature -- architecture grows in nature and nature permeates into the city. Our design hopes that this building can connect people, city and nature, to become a spiritual urban island where people and nature are interdependent. 



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