Tianjin, China


ROBAM office headquarter is located in Jinnan District, Tianjin. The surrounding area plans for science and Technology Park, innovation base, and enterprise office. The neighborhood is mostly new, but the monolithic image and ethos of the buildings do not match the ambitious city of Tianjin.   

The staggered volumes of the office building create terraces on each floor. Every layer of the building protrudes or setback, blurring the boundary between the building and the city. Horizontal white aluminum panels and transparent glass facades blend with the shifted volumes of the building to create a layered facade. The design extends the landscape of the site to the terrace, turning the building into a three-dimensional presentation.

The interior atrium connects the office departments on each floor, so they are not isolated from each other like the traditional office mode. Each floor of the atrium also has a terrace. Just like the outdoor, the atrium terrace composes of a green area and a rest area, providing plenty space for people to communicate and relax which significantly improve the connection and interaction between various departments. Soft natural light permeates the atrium through skylights, creating the whole interior space with more brightness, openness, and tranquility.

Terraces, atriums, skylight, landscape, solar panels, and natural lighting — this is a "breathing" office building. Architecture is no longer industrial machine, and design is closer to nature. Civilians are willing to step onto the terrace to communicate, interact, and enjoy the breeze as well as the sunbeam.

Design Date: 2019-2020

Principal Architect: Ma Ning

Design Team: Ruijing Sun, Yu Qin, Dongyuan Guo, Jiechong Yu, Wenhao Liu

Project Location: Tianjin, China

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